About Jójó.

Sigurðardóttir long ago proved herself as one of Iceland’s best writers, and she refines her style even more with this book, polished to the point of perfection. No word is superfluous, no word is missing, nothing has been overstated, nothing understated, and the effect is so powerful that it raises the hair on the back of the reader’s neck. At the same time, the story is hilariously funny in places, and the reader experiences the whole range of emotions over and over; laughs aloud, is reduced to tears, is grimacing or grinning interchangeably. It’s hard to put the book down until the end, and even then it stays with the reader long after the final page has been read.


              Friðrika Benónýsdóttir, Fréttabladid

“Brilliant – very, very brilliant in fact.”Kristján Hrafn Guðmundsson, DV * * * * *

A masterpiece. 


"The text is sharp and clear-cut, yet moving and funny."

Anna Lilja Þórisdóttir, Morgunblaðið

* * * * *

The Good Lover: This is an extremely beautiful novel about love and separation .... about mother’s love and too much love, and about a restless traveller who yearns for happiness... compelling writing.” Vidsja Culture Programme.

“Few authors have written about love so well as Steinunn Sigurdardóttir.... in The Good Lover the vision of this age old subject is always fresh, thanks to the author’s special mixture of warmth and humour ... Reykjavík City Library Website.

“Tragedy is therefore closer to Steinunn than romantic comedy, but the humour in her novels definitely complicates matters.  In fact you might describe Steinunn’s love stories as comic romantic tragedies, where the comedy reinforces the tragedy, increases its weight and gives a stronger picture of pain than pure tragedy is able to.”   TMM Literary Magazine.

About Steinunn Sigurdardottir’s novel, Sólskinshestur.  (Sonnenscheinpferd, Le Cheval Soleil):  

“Incredibly sensual ... one of the most beautiful and intelligent books that I have ever read.”  Antje Deistler, WDR2.

“ It’s virtuoso ... so beautiful to read that you do not want to stop”.  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“Steinunn Sigurðardóttir is a master of irony.”  Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

“Steinunn Sigurdardottir’s writing is modern and powerful, as before... yet again she reinforces the fact that she is the most brilliant Icelandic author, and one of the most distinguished of all Scandinavia.”  Le Quotidien.

“Outstanding.”  Lire.

“A moving and important book.”  Politiken, leading Danish newspaper.

“Steinunn’s novel hits you right in the heart”.  Morgunbladid newspaper.

“A stunningly beautiful and poignant book that takes the reader on a breath-taking and emotionally fascinating roller-coster journey.”  Reykjavík City Library Website.

The tone is raw and pure, sweet and harsh... Fifty-fifty grotesque and moving.  Funny and profoundely tragic.”  Weekendavisen, Denmark.


“A unique book by a unique author”  Le Monde on Le Voleur de Vie (The Thief of Time).

“A masterpiece:  the story of passionate, exclusive, incurable love.”  Les Inrockuptibles on Le Voleur de Vie (The Thief of Time). 

“Steinunn Sigurdardottir describes this process of disintegration with great consequence...fascinating...”  Der Spiegel.

“Steinunn Sigurðardóttir possesses the art of telling an amusing story and of creating a deep narrative.  As a consequence the reader feels he is witnessing the birth of the novel.”  Dagens Nyheter, Sweden, on Hjartastadur (Herzort). 

“Steinunn Sigurdardottir ist in einem Atemzug mit dem grossen Halldór Laxness zu nennen.”  Kölnische Rundschau. 

“Enge und Leichtsinn, Bosheit und Abgrunde des Seins verbinden sich in Durrenmattscher Weise mit Weltumarmung und Lebenslust.”  Neue Zurcher Zeitung on Zeitdieb (The Thief of Time).  

“Her humour and the playful, extremely inventive writing style make the reading a joy not unlike reading Halldor Laxness when he was at his best.”