Amongst Steinunn Sigurdardottir’s excellent and faithful translators, with whom she enjoys fruitful dialogue and cooperation:

Dr. Coletta Bürling. Has translated seven of Steinunn’s novels to date into German, a radio play, short stories and poetry. Latest translation:  Jojo.

Professor emeritus Rory McTurk, mediaevalist.  Translator of The Thief of Time into English. Currently working on Jo-Jo.

Phil Roughton.  Place of the Heart (Hjartastaður)

Vicky Cribb, currently working on The Good Lover, into English.

Catherine Eyjolfsson, translator of Sólskinshestur (Le cheval Soleil) into French,  Cent ports battant aux quatre vents (Hundrað dyr í golunni) and, most recently, Yo-yo.

Mette Fanö, librarian and jazz expert.  Mette has translated five of Steinunn’s novels into Danish, one childrens’ book, and her latest volume of poetry.

John Swedenmark, critic, writer and journalist, author of the essay collection Kritikmaskinen.   Has translated three of Steinunn’s novels into Swedish, short stories and a volume of poetry.

Professor emeritus Régis Boyer, mediaevalist and expert on Scandinavian literature, translator of Voleur de vie (The Thief of Time) into French, and Steinunn’s latest volume of poetry, Amour d’Islande.

Marcel Otten.  Translator of The Good Lover to Dutch.  De goede minnaar.  

Professor Dr. Gert Kreutzer, specialist in Scandinavian and Icelandic literature.  Has written extensively about Steinunn’s poetry and translated her poetry, including her latest volume, Sternenstaub auf den Fingerkuppen (Ástarljóð af landi) into German.

Klaus-Jurgen Liedtke.  Translator of Steinunn's poetry to German.  

Kim Middel, mediaevalist. Translator of Steinunn’s poetry into Dutch.

Professor Mori.  Translator of Steinunn’s poetry into Japanese.

Silvia Cosimini.  Translator of Steinunn’s poetry into Italian.